Supplements list

Stuff I take specifically to help ward off depression

fish oil (3g/day) []

Vitamin D (1000–2000 IU/day)

Low dose prozac

Stuff I take for nootropic effect but may also help with depression

Creatine (


lions mane (in morning)

Stuff I take purely for nootropic effective

Nicotine gum (2–4mg/day)

Caffeine (100–200 mg /day)

Stuff I take or have taken to help with sleep

Chamomile tea





Stuff I take for general health


Iron (100%DV)

Multi b vitamin (100% of DV for 6 b vitamins )

Choline Bitartrate



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Dan Elton

I have a Ph.D. in physics and now work on AI for medical imaging. Please check me out on Twitter @moreisdifferent and my website: