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A common refrain we hear from public intellectuals about vaccines prior to clinical trials is “we don’t know anything about the safety or efficacy of vaccine X”. This attitude is both false and misleading to the public, instilling uncertainty and fear about vaccines. To see why it is false, consider if a normal vaccine safety study was done, but by coincidence all of the vaccines were given in hospital rooms that were painted blue. Could we conclude on the basis of such a study whether the vaccine would be safe if administered in rooms painted red? Yes, we can, and…

Stuff I take specifically to help ward off depression

fish oil (3g/day) []

Dosages used to treat depression vary between 1–6 g per day (study). I take 3 g/day (~2g EPA, ~1 g DHA). EPA is much more effective than DHA for depression, so make sure to get a brand with a 2:1 EPA:DHA ratio. You can also buy pure EPA but it is quite expensive.

Vitamin D (1000–2000 IU/day)

Lack of vitamin D can cause depression but most cases of depression are not caused by lack of vitamin D. There isn’t good evidence that vitamin D is effective against depression for people who are not deficient (study). Some people say that Vitamin D prevents cancer, but…

Aug-Sept. 2019

When I moved to Maryland in June of 2017 to start a new job at the University of Maryland I needed a new therapist. I was pretty sure that I wanted a male therapist for two reasons I had stuck in my mind. First, I just finished seeing a female therapist and she had mentioned that the transference wasn’t very good. I had looked up “transference”, which is a term from Freudian psychology, but I hadn’t read the Wikipedia article to get a full picture. Instead, I assumed what Freud meant was the degree to which feedback transferred…

Dan Elton

I have a Ph.D. in physics and now work on AI for medical imaging. Please check me out on Twitter @moreisdifferent and my website:

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